When we drive past a finished, spectacular building, we’re most proud of what can’t be seen—the conduit hidden behind the bricks, plaster and paint. While the electrical work isn’t always visible when the project is done, we firmly believe it has to work well and be safe for the customer.

Douglas Electric is able to provide top notch, skilled services  because of our team of experts: master electricians, licensed journeymen, OSHA-certified trainers and staff members with degrees in construction management.

Features of Our Training and Safety Focus Include:

Ongoing, ten-hour annual training programs for every employee.

An in-house training facility, allowing us to continually teach and update our team.

An OSHA-certified safety manager who has been with Douglas Electric 26 years.


100% participation in monthly safety meetings.

A four-year apprenticeship program. (Douglas Electric helped form the Association of Builders and Contractors’ first apprenticeship training program in Southeast Michigan.)

A drug-free workplace that regularly tests its employees.