"Douglas Electric is one of the few electrical contractors that I always feel very comfortable doing business with. They are a family orientated business. I've made personal friends with many of the employees. I know that when I work with Douglas it will be as partners and teammates, and they will do everything ethically and with integrity."

Shawn Camplin

Service Electric

"In the 20 years I've worked with Douglas Electric, we've formed a great partnership. Our companies are both family owned and operated. We have grown together and worked together even during tough economic times in the Detroit-Metro area. It's made our partnership even stronger."

Rock Kuchenmeister

K/E Electric Supply

"Douglas Electric has a forward focused, out of the box way of thinking that sets them apart from many contractors. They have a sound sense of industry needs, and are taking necessary steps to mold their business to fit those needs. Plus, working with Douglas has afforded our company opportunities to increase our market product focus range."

Mike Mordan


Our relationship with Douglas Electric is based on trust and communication, and that has remained true for the 40 years we have done business together. Douglas Electric is a growth-minded, well-run organization focused on providing value to their customers and their suppliers, and have faithfully included us in their success through good times and the most trying times. They believe that partnerships should be mutually beneficial – Douglas Electric has that synergetic mindset that can be hard to find.

Brandon Schneider

Wyandotte Electric Supply